Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) FAQ

I found a very good Ubuntu Karmic FAQ from Mackenzie’s blog. Here is all the information you need to know about Karmic before you install it. Karmic Koala (or Ubuntu 9.10) is one of the best operating system to be released by Canonical.

  1. How should I download?
    • Torrents, to keep the strain off the servers. There are IPv6 torrent files available as well, as a test so Canonical can see how many Ubuntu users are on IPv6 and thus how much support to give it. They don’t list KTorrent as one of the clients that can do the IPv6 torrents, but I’m using it right now.
    • Or if you have a Beta or RC .iso sitting around zsync to the final
  2. I have a netbook. What are my options?
  3. How’s audio?
  4. Where did Add/Remove go?
  5. Does Ubuntu Software Center sell proprietary software? I heard it did.
    • Not yet. There are plans in about a year to allow those commercial developers who are willing to support Linux to sell apps through it.
  6. Can I use Ubuntu One with Kubuntu?
  7. Why Empathy? I like Pidgin!
    • You’re welcome to keep using Pidgin, but here are a few things Empathy has going for it:
      • It’s the GNOME default
      • It can do audio/video chat
      • The Telepathy framework lets it integrate better into the rest of the desktop
      • As Jono mentioned you can do desktop sharing through it
  8. What happened to GDM theming?
    • The new GDM uses the GTK theme for the gdm user. To change it, you’ll need to run gksudo -u gdm gnome-appearance-properties and select a new theme
  9. Wasn’t Gwibber supposed to be included?
    • Gwibber 2.0 was not ready in time. It is available in Universe.
  10. New theme yet?
    • Yes! Softer icons, chocolate highlights, and orange wallpaper
  11. Can Amarok play CDs yet?
    • Yes
  12. Do Intel graphics not-suck this time?
    • Yes, they’re very nice actually! Thanks to KMS, Intel graphics users can expect instantaneous resume from suspend!
  13. How’s Kubuntu’s network manager?
    • It works this time
  14. I upgraded from Jaunty and now have no sound. What do I do?
    • Run uname -r. Does it say “2.6.31-14-generic”? If it still says 2.6.28-16-generic, you’re not running Karmic’s kernel. Some people are having trouble with GRUB not showing new kernels. Try running sudo update-grub and then rebooting.

Main article from Mackenzie Morgan’s blog Edited as per the license terms. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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